A prolific bread-baker and an intuitive songwriter, Katie Fitz has never met an instrument— or a carbohydrate— that she didn’t like. She began writing music in 2010 and since then has gradually spun a collection of songs that, line by line and word by word, tell the story of a joyfully restless soul on the move. Her original song “One Little Word” was the winner of Tumbleweed Music Festival’s 2019 songwriting contest.

While she can most often be found strumming a guitar, Katie occasionally branches out to banjo and ukulele in her live sets. She has performed at weddings, folk festivals, backyards, bars, living rooms, farmer’s markets, cafes, street corners, and restaurants from Seattle, Washington to Baltimore, Maryland, and she is so deeply grateful and excited to be resuming live music after so many days of social distancing.

A teacher who is continually learning, a storyteller who never stops listening, and a city kid whose heart belongs to a tiny Ukrainian village, Katie is no stranger to contrast. If you unravel her lyrics, you will find moments of quietude tempered with periods of restlessness, heartbreak leavened with humor, the predictable arm-in-arm with the unexpected, and a profound appreciation for life’s complexity paired with one simple, honest aim: to connect, and to invite others to do the same.

…Including you, little garter snake!

Photos by: Mona Law (top) and J. Lee (bottom).